Looking for a way to add fun to your wedding? Photo booths are extremely popular in weddings/parties nowadays. Long gone are the days of that giant box in the mall that takes 4 minutes to print photos. Photo booths today are much more modern with cool features like touch screen, video preview, colour/black&white/sepia options, social media integration, and more! With the growing number of photo booth companies, having one of these at your wedding is a MUST!

Wedding photo booths are popular for the simple fact that they are just so much fun! It is great to watch all of your family and friends make goofy faces and let loose in front of the camera (especially as the drinks keep flowing)! Photo booth strips can couple as a fun activity and a a great wedding favour. The photos can be placed in magnets, bookmarks, or frames (great add-ons!)!

Photo booths can also leave a lasting memory for the bride and groom as well! Guestbook options allow couples to have a physical memory of all the fun their guests had at their wedding with a little message commenting on their experience.

photo booth guestbook

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