Society has changed significantly over the last few months, and most of our in-person events have now shifted online. While the way we experience events has changed, the goal of them hasn’t. Virtual event planning can be tough – entertaining event attendees and keeping them engaged throughout your virtual event is a challenge. But as technology gets better and better, there are tons of virtual event ideas and activities that you can add to keep the experience interactive and memorable.

Virtual photo booths are a new and fun activity to add to your online event entertainment. It is difficult to capture moments without a live photographer, but virtual event photo booths are a solution that allows your attendees to create a keepsake of your event or party.

Planning a virtual party, conference or trade show booth? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adding a virtual photo booth as an activity for your virtual event:

1. Everyone can use it, anytime anywhere

virtual photobooth

Virtual photo booths are browser-based, so they can be used on any device that has access to the internet and a web camera. This amazing technology can be used from most smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets!

The event host is given their own unique photo booth webpage, and there aren’t any fancy applications or programs to install. Attendees just have to enter the event URL into their web browser, and voila! They’ve got access to your virtual photo booth!

Once they’re in, guests are able to take digital photos or GIFs using their own camera, and all images can be shared instantly by email, text message or social media!

2. It Creates Branded, Shareable Digital Content

virtual photobooth example

The photos created by your guests on the virtual photo booth are all customized with a digital design. The design can include your logo, text and company branding. This is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. The more guests share photos to their family, friends and social network, the more eyes on your company, event or cause!

In addition to this, your entire virtual photo booth page can be customized with your company’s branding and logos as well. This allows you to create a consistent brand experience across the entire virtual event.

3. It’s easily integrated into your virtual event platform

Since the virtual photo booth is located on a webpage, connecting it to your virtual event is easy. If you’re using a virtual event platform (like Vfairs or Bizzabo), you’re able to include your unique URL directly on your virtual conference platform or event page so that guests have easy access. You’ll also have access to a live photo gallery, which can also be included on your virtual event platform so attendees can see all the fun happening in real time!

4. It’s Fun and Interactive

corporate virtual photobooth example

There are a number of fun elements that makes the virtual photo booth more engaging for the event attendee. In addition to taking animated GIFs and Burst “Boomerang” animations, digital stickers can be added and used on the images, as well as fun virtual backgrounds to add some more interactivity.

All of these elements can be used together to create a unique and unforgettable experience. Most importantly, shareable, experience! If you’re looking for virtual party ideas, get those creative juices flowing – the possibilities are endless!

5. Photos Can Be Shared Directly to Social Media

virtual photobooth

Having your event attendees post about your event on social media is great exposure for your brand! Virtual photo booth images are viewable on a customizable sharing page and can be shared directly to Facebook Instagram, and Twitter.

In addition to this, the social media captions can be changed to include your own text and hashtags. Emails and text messages can be customized too!

6. It’s a Fun way to feel together while apart

The one thing that’s hard to replicate with an online event is the energy created when people are physically together in one place. With the virtual photo booth, you can create a sense of togetherness by having attendees create virtual group photos with their friends and colleagues. Not only does this allow attendees to create fun and creative images, but it allows them to interact with other guests and eliminate feelings of social isolation. This is a great feature to include in a virtual work party, happy hour or corporate staff event!

7. It drives traffic to your website and marketing channels

It is super important to know your goals and objectives as you plan your online event. Optimizing your virtual photo booth to include specific calls to action throughout the experience will help you reach your event goals.

If one of your event objectives is to increase signups for your next event, for example, the emails and text messages sent with your virtual photo booth images can include direct links to those sign up pages!

These is great virtual conference ideas, and work for virtual trade show booths, expos and marketing activations. Since the virtual photo booth emails tend to have higher open rates, taking advantage of this feature is a great way to help convert attendees into potential customers or clients!

8. It Helps with Lead Generation

If your event attendees consist of potential customers, then adding a survey to the virtual photo booth can help you gain valuable information about your event attendees. A survey can appear directly on the photo booth page for attendees to complete before or after their photo session. And it’s a great opportunity to ask targeted questions to qualify potential leads.

9. You can run contests and giveaways

A great contest or giveaway is always a great way to bring some fun and excitement to an event! Why not mix your contest with the virtual photo booth? By placing your contest entry on your photo booth page, you receive both an entry and a branded image of your guest!

If you’re looking for ideas to increase virtual conference engagement, for example, the virtual photo booth can integrate a simple contest ballot, a fun Scratch and Win or Spin to Win feature!

10. It Leaves You with an Album of Memories

At the end of the event, you’re left with a fabulous gallery of photos of your attendees. Photos that you can look back on and smile – priceless!

Virtual photo booths for events are a fantastic idea, and there are tons of ways to make it a unique experience that your guests will love. If you’re interested in adding this fun activity to your next virtual event, get in touch with us today for a demo!