Having trouble coming up with some fun virtual event activity ideas for your work event? Team building events are essential in the workplace because they help teammates understand each other better. A team that doesn’t work well together will reflect on the company’s work. Just because live events on are on pause, that doesn’t mean we should skip this important aspect of the workplace relations. Social events at work help employees get to know each other, develop strong collaboration skills and feel valued by the company.

It can be a bit tough to think of ways to engage team members at these events, especially when it’s virtual. Luckily, there are tons of creative ways to make your virtual team event more memorable and effective and we’re here to introduce you to some of them.

Here are 12 engaging virtual event activity ideas for your team:

Live Games

Playing an online game for your team building event is a great way icebreaker to get employees engaged and participating with the group! Virtual trivia games, game shows, puzzles, and more can be played online. There are a bunch of fun apps and websites that assist with the organization so you can integrate the games into your event seamlessly.

Here are some apps or websites to check out for ideas:

Virtual Concert or Virtual DJ Party

Watch a live online concert with your team or hire a local DJ for a virtual dance party! This is a great way for employees to let loose and enjoy some music and dancing during your virtual teambuilding event.

Here are some sources to find livestreamed shows that are happening:

Online Meditation and Yoga

Health and wellbeing is super important, especially as we all quarantine and self isolate at home. Consider adding a virtual yoga class or meditation component to your event.

Here are some sources:

Virtual Cooking Class

Who doesn’t love to eat? With lockdowns and stay at home orders happening everywhere, many have been working on their cooking skills and we could all benefit from learning to cook a new dish or two! Do an online cooking class and enjoy a meal together with some nice conversation.

Check out these cooking class websites:

Virtual Movie Night or Online TV Viewing

There’s nothing like a movie, popcorn and candy! Try watching a movie together with your team or a popular TV show. Here are some cool apps that’ll help with your virtual watch party experience:

Virtual Photo Booth

virtual photo booth event activity idea

Photos are a must at all events, whether it’s in-person or virtual! Adding a virtual photo booth is a great way to add some fun and create memories at your event. They are browser based, meaning anyone with access to a device with a camera and internet can use it.

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Online Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great collaborative activity that allows employees to work together towards a common goal. Choose a theme and your team will race against the call complete the challenge. Escape rooms typically require a lot of critical thinking, cooperation and teamwork – perfect for a work event!

Here are some companies that offer this virtually:

Virtual Dinner Party

Consider having a fun dinner party. Have your guests dress up (or not) and enjoy a meal together while video chatting remotely. You can use a popular meal delivery app like UberEats or DoorDash so that everyone can participate. Consider having a theme so that everyone is eating something similar!

Virtual Karaoke

Karaoke is always super fun and a great way to bond with coworkers! This activity is available online and is an engaging virtual event activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Your team can sing together, have some cocktails and bond!

Here are some karaoke apps that can be used virtual events:

Online Fitness Class

Sitting at home all day working and staying inside can take a toll on your physical health. Get your team moving by having them participate in a virtual fitness class. You can either hire an instructor to teach and interact with your team or you can watch a prerecorded session and do it together!

Virtual Paint Night

Consider a remote paint night! This is a great activity that allows team mates to share their creativity in a casual, fun environment.

Here are a few companies that help facilitate this virtual event activity:

Virtual Casino Night

Host a fun casino night where your team can play fun card games and get to know each other better. There are several apps and companies that specialize in making this all possible virtually!

There are tons of virtual event activity ideas that you can use to create a fun and memorable event for your guests. Many of the typical in-person activities that we’re used to have gone virtual, so get creative and have fun planning!