Some people cringe at the idea of having a winter wedding – cold weather, ice, wind, snow, and darkness. However, a winter wedding can be just as fabulous as a summer wedding. Here’s seven reasons to consider having a winter wedding:

1. More availability of venues and other wedding vendors

During the months of April – October, venues and vendors are the most busy as most weddings fall within those months. As a result, it can be difficult to book the venue or photographer that you prefer. Having a wedding during the winter makes it easier for you to book your first choice vendors.

2. The scenery

It may be cold, but no one can deny the fact that winter scenery is just to die for. With the white snow, the icicles, and the trees – the naturally beautiful scenery creates the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Not to mention the various winter-themed decor you can have for your wedding. It allows you to be unique, creative and different.

3. Your guests can actually come

Many people go for vacation during the summer, and it can be hard for guests to attend weddings during the high season. Booking in the winter may make it easier for family and friends to attend your special day!

4. Less expensive

Booking a wedding during off season usually means that vendors charge less. Can’t go wrong!

5. Long-lasting Makeup/Hair

During the winter, there is no need to worry about sweating your makeup off and having to touch up every 10 minutes. You also don’t have to worry about sweating your hair out or frizzy hair due to humidity!

6. Escape the Cold With a Hot Honeymoon

There’s nothing like a sweet getaway from the cold with a trip to a hot destination. Or, if you’re into winter sports, you can take your honeymoon to a ski resort or snuggle in a chalet with your loved one.


Having a winter wedding gives you the freedom to be creative and limitless with your wardrobe. You can wear scarves and long-sleeve dresses without the worry of being too hot and suffering.