Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year. And Halloween parties are some of the funnest parties we go to. There are specific characteristics that these parties have that make them so special. If you are willing to put in the work, you can have a party that is talked about for years and years. Halloween is less than a week away. Having a Halloween party? Here are some tips to make your party EPIC:

1. Make costumes MANDATORY

The worst part about a Halloween party is seeing people there who ruin the fun by not dressing up. Make your party that much more fun by making it mandatory that everyone have a costume to attend. Watching everyone’s creativity come to life is just so entertaining and that alone is an ice breaker that get your guests interacting. Let everyone choose their costume, whether its funny, scary, or naughty, having people dress up at your party can make or break your event’s success. Halloween is meant to be a kooky and silly holiday and watching your guests be goofy will allow everyone to let loose and enjoy themselves. Encourage it! And for those who decided not to participate, don’t turn them away at the door. Maybe have some extra masks in hand or some fake blood or a prop.

2. Amazing Decorations

Halloween is about the ambiance and the mood. Ghoulish decorations are a must and just make all the difference. If you are planning an epic Halloween bash, don’t skimp out on the decor. Take time to think about what type of Halloween party you want to have. Will you be a traditional haunted house. Well of you are, make sure you’re the scariest house on the block. Maybe you will be a butcher house – thus you’ll need lots of blood and body parts. There are so many directions you can take – zombie apocalypse, spooky carnival, mental asylum – make sure your decorations go accordingly. Your guests will be amazed at your effort and will enjoy themselves that much more by watching what you’ve done with the place.

3. Horror themed food

What’s a Halloween party without the eyeballs? Halloween is known for its creepy themed food. Take it a step further and ensure your snacks go with the theme of your decor e.g. Slaughterhouse theme? Maybe serve some fingers and toes. Zombie theme? Brains! There are countless recipe ideas for Halloween themed foods that can make your party so much better and authentic. Like always, make sure there is something for everyone – vegans, gluten free, nut free. Everyone should be able to eat at your party. You don’t want people leaving to hit up the nearest fast food joint.

4. Get everyone dancing

Whats a good party without good music? Get a good DJ or a good playlist. Take requests! Encourage people to dance by having a dance floor. Dim the lights!

5. Halloween-Themed Cocktails
You can always just have a normal bar, but having themed drinks is always a good idea. Pumpkin spice is a popular flavour for the fall season. Or even better, horror themed drinks (that actually taste good) will definitely be a hit. For example : zombie slime shooters or blood orange cocktails

Make sure to have some non alcoholic options for those designated drivers and non drinkers.

6. Candy (Duh!)

Halloween = major sugar rush. Keep the energy up at your party with an abundance of candy and chocolate available. Include all the favourites. You cant go wrong with Reeses Pieces or Skittles.

7. A good scare at the door

This is what will get everyone talking about your party. Get people good as they walk to your door. Halloween is all about having fun but don’t forget about the scare! Do something that will make even the toughest guy at your party wet his pants. This goes hand in hand with decor, like I said before, its about mood. Use a fog machine, put on some creepy music, rattle the bushes, get people’s hearts racing. Halloween is about fear and having fun with it.

8. Games

Bobbing apples. Scavenger hunt. Costume contest. Dance off. Have some kind of activity going on that will bring the inner child back into your guests.

9. Great host/hostess

Every good party NEEDS a good host. Someone to greet you, take your coat, an show you wear the restroom is. Be that person. And for a Halloween party, stay in character if you got some good acting skills. Explain the food and cocktails. Be gracious. And don’t forget to thank your guests for coming. Hospitality goes a long way.

10. Pictures

Last but not least, make sure you take lots of pictures. What’s the point of having a party of there are no lasting memories? Some people may not remember the night so make sure there’s plenty of pictures with evidence of what happened that night. If you can afford, get an event photographer or a photo booth so that guests have a keepsake to take home.