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Please see the information below for help using the photo booth. If you’re still having trouble, you can chat with us or send us an email at

How to Use the Virtual Photo Booth

How do I use the virtual photo booth?

1. Open the virtual booth link in any internet browser. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone! (Google Chrome is the browser we recommend)

2.  The first time you visit the photo booth page (, it will ask for permission use your device’s camera, click/tap “Allow”.

3.  Choose your photo type and tap Capture to take your photo (or upload a photo).

4.  If you like your photo, click Approve. You will then be taken to a page to choose a background to appear behind you!

4.  Tap Email to send the photo to an email address. Or Text to receive the image to your smartphone. If you prefer to start over, just refresh the screen!

 Please note: your photo will only be saved to the event gallery if it’s Approved (see step 4) . Otherwise, it will not be stored!

How can I retake a photo?

Just tap the Back arrow at the top left of the screen or refresh the page, and you’ll be taken back to the start screen!

How can I download or save my picture?

You’ll need to visit your event gallery or share your photo by email or text message to receive a downloadable version.

Where are these photos stored? Who will see them?

Each event has its own photo booth link. Only those with access to your unique link can take photos. Photos are stored in the event’s online gallery and/or shared with the event organizer. Your event organizer may or may not have chosen to share the event gallery with event attendees. 

After your photo/GIF is taken, you’ll be given the choice to Approve or Retake your photo. If you hit Approve, your photo will automatically be saved to your event’s gallery.  If you’d like to retake or discard a photo, just click Retake or refresh the screen. That photo will be automatically deleted permanently and there won’t be a way to retrieve it.

How can I view the event photos? When will the photo gallery be available?

Your event organizer may or may not have chosen to display the photos from your virtual photo booth in an online gallery. If there is a photo gallery, it will either be available directly on the photo booth page or within 2 business days after the event at (unless other arrangements have been made). Please ask your event organizer for the gallery password, if there is one.

How can I delete or remove a photo from the event gallery?

To have your photo removed from the event gallery, please send us a chat message or email us at

In your message, please include a direct link or a screenshot of the image to remove.

Camera Issues

I accidentally blocked camera access, how do I fix this?




You’ll have to reset the camera permissions in your browser’s settings.

Google Chrome: 

Chrome Menu (3 vertical dots) >  Settings  >  Privacy and security  >  Site Settings  >  Camera

Click “” and select Allow


Safari App Menu > Settings for the Website > Preferences > Websites > Camera

Select “” and select Allow

I am seeing the following error "Unable to access camera'". How do I fix this?





Please ensure that there are no other programs or apps open that are accessing your device’s camera (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, Microsoft Team, etc.). It’ll be best to close those programs or switch off the camera in those apps before attempting to launch the virtual photo booth.

You are always able to use the photo booth from a different device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc). Just paste the photo booth link in your browser. If you need the exact link, please contact us or ask your event host!

Virtual Group Photos

How do I create a personal sticker?

1. Click the Personal Sticker Button at the top right of the Virtual Booth page.

2. Click “Create New”

2. Select your Pose type (standing or seated)

3. Take a photo of yourself to create your avatar

Now, your personal sticker will be available as a digital sticker that you and other attendees can use in their photos!

How do I add friends to my photo?

Once you’ve chosen your photo type and template, a pop up will appear with all of the Friends available to add to your photo.

Select which guests you’d like to be in your pic and you’ll be able to drag, rotate and resize the sticker to create your virtual group photo! Have fun!

How do I delete my personal stickers?

If you’d like to delete your personal sticker, click Personal Stickers at the top right, then Manage. You may delete any stickers you’ve created, and they will no longer be viewable to any guests using the photo booth.

Please note, your personal stickers can only be deleted from the browser you created them on. You are not able to delete another attendee’s sticker.

If you’re having trouble managing your Personal Stickers, our team can delete them from our end as well. Click here to chat with us or send us a message at We’ll get it sorted right away!

If you need assistance, please click here to chat with our support team or send us a message at

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